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The office, to recommend its work, uses the slogan “effective dentistry zone”. It is not a hollow word and carries the weight of our commitment to each case, and above all a guarantee of durability, beauty, and functionality

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We have modern digital radiological equipment aided by computer systems providing a large spectrum of possibilities for imaging.


During conservative treatment, the dentist, using materials that perfectly recreate lost tissues, rebuilds the natural, anatomical shape.


Orthodontic treatment consists of arranging the teeth according to the principles of biomechanics to improve or restore correct occlusal contacts.


Prosthetics are a strong point of our surgery, due to the dental surgeons’ specialisation in this field of dentistry confirmed by passed state exams.


Implants may be used for a tooth reconstructions, if many teeth are missing or to stabilise removable dentures recreating denture in gaps.


Treatment depends on the type of problems. May be limited only to preventative procedures or may include surgery and further prosthetic treatment.


Procedures include milk and permanent teeth extractions, implant preparation procedures, resections, hemisections, and cyst removal.


Not satisfied with the shape or color of your teeth? We have a solution for you. Find out how beautiful your smile can become!


Our preventive-hygiene visit system include scaling, sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation. Regular hygienic visits help maintain a healthy periodontium.


The Wand is computer-controlled anesthetic system that gives it in an extremely gentle way to adolescents and adults: without injection, injecting fluid and pain.

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We care for the patient's satisfaction with the cooperation undertaken

During the treatment, from the moment of the first visit to the office, we care for the patient’s comfort, complete information about the plan and the progress of the treatment. The doctor becomes the patient’s friend by advising the best solution to the final effect


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We can treat completely painlessly!

For many years we have been pleased to administer anesthesia to our patients using a computerized system called “The Wand”. It effectively reduces the patient’s fear of this medical procedure.Anesthesia application is done without stressful injections and with no collateral numbness. This means that the patient can speak and smile immediately after the procedure.