Prosthetic works

Technica Prosthetics Laboratory - inż. Adam Majewski.

Within the scope of prosthetic treatments we work with Technica Labolatorium Protetyczne owned by Adam Majewski.

He has been running his own Technica laboratory for more than 20 years. He graduated from a Medical college in Kraków and The School of Dental Engineering in Ustroń. He attended numerous courses on dental implantology and ceramics in Germany, Lichtenstein and Austria amongst others. He participated in research programmes at the JU Medical College.

Currently several people are employed at the Technica laboratory performing a full scope of prosthetic works with emphasis on metal-ceramic and entirely ceramic works as well as works in the CAD-CAM system with zircon.

Registration and administrative service


Registration and administrative service at the Stomatologia Krakowska 49 office is efficient thanks to Estomed’s reputable and safe software.

Medical Law Advisory Center

Law Office - Ph.D. in Law Maciej Gibiński

We entrusted comprehensive administrative and legal care and the protection of patients’ data to the JSD Maciej Gibiński Medical Law Advisory Centre. All so that we can focus as much as possible on our profession and devote all our time to the needs of treating patients.


Anesthesia system

The Wand is computer-controlled anesthetic system that gives it in an extremely gentle way to adolescents and adults. Thanks to Wand, the method of administering anaesthesia has changed, without injection, injecting fluid, and pain.