What are the costs of treatment?

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At Stomatologia Krakowska 49, we attach great importance to ensuring that the prices reflect the level of treatments performed and compensate for the costs of materials produced by world leaders in dentistry.

Remember that you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile at any age!

If you want to find out exactly how much the treatment or improvement of the aesthetics of your teeth will cost, do not hesitate to make an appointment for a consultation visit. We will diagnose your case in detail, establish a list of problems and propose a holistic treatment plan, that will bring you closer to the smile you have always yearned.

Examples of treatment prices depending on the field of dentistry it concerns:


Which consists of scaling, sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation on trays

250 zł

Conservative dentistry




1500 zł
1200 zł

Made of dental steel

400- 600 zł
600-800 zł


Implant insertion 2500-3000 zł

Priced individually

2500-3000 zł

Priced individually

1000-1500 zł




1800 zł
1000 zł