Your first visit

We will help you get the smile you always dreamed of

Starting with the first appointment in our clinic we make sure that our patients are comfortable and well cared for. We share all the information about the treatment plan. We respect our patients’ dental issues and try to find the best solutions with empathy. Knowing how trust is important, we always address all our patients’ questions and doubts.

Consultation appointment and initial diagnosis

When you will contact us for the first time we will inform you about the possibilities for treatment and will book a consultation appointment with one of our specialists. During the first appointment we will focus on diagnosing your dental issue and discuss possible next steps.

Dental treatment planning

As a result of consultation appointment, we will present you complete and individual plan of dental treatment, along with predicted costs. All types of dental treatments are conducted in our clinic. This can save your valuable time.

Holistic approach

We try not to focus only on visible symptoms, but we approach dental problems by focusing on all aspects of health. Using our holistic approach we will find the real root cause of health problems and we will be able to treat it effectively. We will make sure that even the smallest dental issues will be treated and your oral health will be better than ever. 

You will love your smile and visits to our clinic. Our friendly team will make you feel comfortable and secure.