Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is a specialty of our clinic!

Prosthetic treatments are a strong point of our surgery, due to the dental surgeons’ specialisation in this field of dentistry confirmed by passed state exams.

By the use of prosthodontics we are able to re-create initial occlusion conditions after a loss, damage or weakening of natural teeth.

Prosthetic fillings may be:

  • permanent,
  • removable
  • or mixed (removable fillings combined with permanent fillings using clips or telescopic crowns).


It is suggested that even a single gap in your dentition should be filled as it can lead to detrimental changes in the chewing action, such as teeth migration, malocclusion or dysfunctions in the temporomandibular joints. It is not without significance that full dentition allows you to retain a radiant smile.

The cooperation between Stomatologia Krakowska 49 and the Laboratorium Technica owned by Adam Majewski MSc ensures excellent results every time. The Laboratory has at its disposal an advanced CAD/CAM system allowing for highly functional and aesthetic prosthetic fillings.

We work with all types of fillings, permanent, removable or hybrid, rooted on metal alloys, gold, or fully ceramic based on zirconium dioxide, feldspathic ceramics and glass-ceramic, which, due to their visual properties, imitate natural teeth.