Our clinic

Treatment philosophy

Our principles

Our clinic Stomatologia Krakowska 49 is primarily guided by the principle of treating the patient while maintaining his dignity.

Treatment aims to ensure a sense of security based on rich professional experience and high qualifications of doctors. Thanks to the use of modern technologies related to anesthetizing – the Wand computer system – we can treat completely painlessly, which allows rebuilding the patient’s impaired confidence in the doctor repeatedly.

We use the best materials from world leaders, which leads in a straight line to a natural effect. If we want to improve nature, we can achieve it too easily.

From a passion for dentistry

Patient satisfaction and contentment

During the treatment, from the moment of the first visit to the office, we care for the patient’s comfort, complete information about the plan and the progress of the treatment. The doctor becomes the patient’s friend by advising the best solution to the final effect, often based on interdisciplinary cooperation between a surgeon, a specialist in conservative dentistry, an orthodontist, and a prosthetist. We care from the beginning to the result for patient’s satisfaction and pleasure with the cooperation undertaken.