X-ray laboratory

Tools that we use in our clinic

Stomatologia Krakowska has its own X-Ray laboratory equipped with a panoramic radiography equipment and radiovisiography system. Such tools enable us to quickly and accurately diagnose any dental issue. We use these tools not only during planning of dentistry treatment but also to track the progress of the healing process. We only use tools that maximize the precision and resolution of images, while minimizing x-ray radiation needed to obtain them.

Panoramic radiography equipment

Panoramic radiography equipment enables panoramic scanning of the upper and lower jaw using X-rays. In our laboratory we use high quality Gendex Orthoralix 9200. It enables us to take accurate radiographs using only minimal dosage of radiation.

Precise diagnosis is the key to successful dental treatment. Thanks to accurate radiographs we are able to easily evaluate the health of patient’s oral cavity and pinpoint any dental issues. Accurate x-ray imagery is a key in root canal, implant, dental prosthetics, orthodontics and tooth extraction treatments. Panoramic radiographs are also crucial in diagnosing hidden tooth cavities, in hard to diagnose inflammations or injuries. It can also help in early identification of diseases that do not give obvious symptoms like pain.  

Taking panoramic radiographs is a completely safe and pain-free process for the patient.


Our clinic is equipped with RVG, a tool that enables taking point X-ray images of teeth. Thanks to having the possibility to take X-ray images at any stage of the treatment, our specialists can control it and react quickly if needed. Taking a point X-ray image takes only a moment but can provide invaluable information.

Equipment that we use is very precise, images are digitally stored – the dentist is able to see them a few seconds after taking them. Point X-ray images are needed during initial diagnosis, planning and control of the treatment.

Clear X-ray images are invaluable in detecting cavities not visible with a naked eye.